Kanga Mganga – A Masterclass

Sex and sexual topics are always kept very secretive and somehow taboo to openly talk about. Generations and generations are always left to learn from experience. How is sex linked to health? 

TICAH believes that the more we know and get comfortable to talk about sex, the better we will be at securing healthy, pleasurable sexual relationships. We believe that good sexual lives are part of our health and should not be ignored.

Sexuality very clearly links culture to health by defining gender expectations, sanctioning or stigmatizing desire, and providing or denying choices and the information necessary to making good sexual choices.

Kanga Mganga is a creative and fun session that will provide a safe space to have confidential, frank and genuine conversations around Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, ask questions, or talk about our sexual feelings, think about attraction, intimacy, safety, health, pleasure, establish more honest communication, and help create a more welcoming social environment, which will support all the possible sexual choices we may want to make.

Target Population; Men and Women aged 17 and above.
Friday, 29th September

2 – 5pm (approx 3 hours long)

Storymoja Festival | Nairobi National Museum

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