Welcome to Storymoja Festival 2017

Wed 27 Sept - Sun 1 Oct
Storymoja is pleased to announce the dates of the 2017 Storymoja Festival! After taking place in Accra, Ghana in 2016, the Storymoja Festival will return to Nairobi on the 27th of September to the 1st of October 2017.

guest highlights

Profile: Beth Wanjiku Ndirangu

Profile: Beth Wanjiku Ndirangu Country: Kenya Beth Wanjiku Ndirangu was born with a disability known as cerebral palsy. She holds a Bachelors of Education degree in English and Literature and has been doing voluntary disability advocacy work for the last five years. Beth is a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow. In January this year Beth, began [read more…]

Artist: Patrick Miller (Millz)

Artist: Patrick Miller (Millz) Country: Zimbabwe Ever since his first performance as Joseph in a nativity play when he was five, Millz’ fascination with the arts has grown. Over two decades later, he is now a playwright, artist and an “activist on a sabbatical”. Currently, Millz is working on a new draft of his stage [read more…]

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Deadline Extended! – Storymoja Festival Creativity Contest

The deadline for the 2017 Storymoja Festival Creativity Contest has been extended! You now have until 30th June 2017 to submit your creative writing or illustration. The submission guidelines are in the image below.  

The 2017 Storymoja Festival

The Theme of the 2017 Storymoja Festival is Black Peace. This theme is apt as it comes at a time when the entire world is concerned with the politics of identity. The 2017 Storymoja Festival will also fall exactly 10 years after the 2007/08 Post election violence, as well as on an election year in Kenya.

festival conversations

I Live With the Devil [by Maureen Wakarindi]

I live with the devil. There are three universal truths in our home. One, mum is always right. Two, mum is life. Three, choose life. This is the story of my childhood. My mother has always been very religious. Sundays were always a day of showing off new dresses (my sister used to call them [read more…]

Wings to Freedom [by Carolyne Mutisya]

Nakola held down her 10 year old flowered patched dress as the gushing wind threatened to reveal her chalky thighs. Her left hand gripped the hem of her dress so tightly that she could feel the veins on her palms suffocate from the pressure. She liked it. It was her rehearsal for how she would [read more…]

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