Welcome to Storymoja Festival 2017

Wed 27 Sept - Sun 1 Oct
Storymoja is pleased to announce the dates of the 2017 Storymoja Festival! After taking place in Accra, Ghana in 2016, the Storymoja Festival will return to Nairobi on the 27th of September to the 1st of October 2017.

guest highlights

Artist: Shariffa Keshavjee

Artist: Shariffa Keshavjee Country: Kenya Shariffa Keshavjee was born on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Kisumu. She is an early childhood educator. She also writes books for children. She has written ‘ Momo the Monkey’, with new adventures to follow. With her passion for educating girls,she is a founder member of the Hawkers Market [read more…]

Profile: Enkare Review

Profile: Enkare Review Country: Kenya Enkare Review, founded in August 2016, is a collective of 12 twenty something year olds based on the continent and un-ironically earnest in a shared vision for African creative production. Enkare Review is committed to seeking and cultivating radical literary production in Africa through its own creative working sessions, and [read more…]

event highlights

Masterclass: Creative Writing with Mutendei Writes

Innovation and novelties can get lost in translation, when moving from an idea or concept for a story to an actual constructed manuscript. With this creative writing masterclass, learn how to maintain the creativity of your work through the process of developing the construct/ manuscript of your written work in a way that enhances the [read more…]

The Big Conservation Lie – Conversation at the Storymoja Festival

“Most Kenyans today exclusively associate wildlife conservation care, compassion and even ownership with white people. At a time when Africa has more cell phones than Europe, this same old narrative has weathered the storms of modernity. Africans of European descent have continued to advance the same narrative more than 100 years since Africa’s colonialist – [read more…]

festival conversations

How Spelling Bees Benefit Your Child [by Sheena Mpungu]

To this day, I remember my first experience with school-based spelling tests. I was in lower primary, either Class 2 or 3, when our class was introduced to daily oral spelling tests. Much to my delight, I discovered that I was good at spelling. However, I also realised not everyone in my class enjoyed spelling [read more…]

When Education Fails Us [by Michelle Chepchumba]

I don’t know many people who developed the habit of reading in their adulthood. I haven’t yet heard a story about someone who hated reading as a child and then had adulthood open their eyes to the wonder that are books. I’m sure they are there but in my experience book-lovers are often people who [read more…]

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