The 2017 Storymoja Festival

After featuring in Accra, Ghana in 2016, the Storymoja Festival will return to Nairobi on the 27th of September to 1st of October 2017. With this edition, the Storymoja Festival will officially turn 10 years old from the first time it appeared as a Nyama Choma Reading Fiesta!

The Storymoja Festival is a five day international celebration of ideas, stories, writing and culture through books, live discussions, storytelling, skits, poetry, music, demonstrations, workshops, open mikes, debates, exhibitions, live performance, art and competitions.

In the past, the Storymoja Festival has been described as ‘the biggest book party’ in East Africa, and as a ‘celebration of books, stories and culture’.  Storymoja Festival has fast gained reputation for being a vibrant gathering of the greatest minds in Kenya and beyond.

The Theme of the 2017 Storymoja Festival is Black Peace. This theme is apt as it comes at a time when the entire world is concerned with the politics of identity. The 2017 Storymoja Festival will also fall exactly 10 years after the 2007/08 Post election violence, as well as on an election year in Kenya. It will be interesting to see how this theme will play out in conversations on writing, art, theatre, policy, business, identity and so on throughout the festival.

The 2017 program will have a full offering of book discussions, public lectures, master classes & workshops, art & theatre shows, concerts, schools, children’s, and family programs throughout a five-day program.


To become the biggest, most stimulating gathering of writers, artists and celebrities exploring, showcasing, generating and celebrating the African narrative in many creative and cultural forms.


  • To nurture and grow African reading and writing
  • To contribute to the growth and sustainability of the Kenyan reading culture
  • To provide a platform for engaging, collaborating and showcasing both local and international talent.

The Festival is modelled around three pillars

  1. Creativity

The festival experience is deliberately designed to stimulate and provoke minds and spark curiosity.

  1. Exposure

Both the audiences and artists get an opportunity to interact with diverse cultures, works, ideas and talent.

  1. Collaboration

Synergy amongst diverse local and international creative groups is fostered. Various partners and stakeholders benefit from the networking opportunities presented at the festival.


  • Storymoja Festival Schools programme to run first 3 days, and adult/family programme to run over the weekend
  • Target 15,000 festival goers (local and international guests) 

The Opportunity


Storymoja Festival is essentially a book festival and this means that sessions and activities are designed around books. The schools programme offers exciting options for students of all ages and has continued to grow over the years.


Growth of Kenya’s Creative Economy

The contribution of creative arts to national development has not been fully exploited and is grossly underestimated. Profiling and growing various art forms requires concerted and deliberate effort.


Youth Empowerment

Majority of young people are presented with limited career options with a major focus on white collar jobs. The career series presents an opportunity for the young people to be exposed to various other possibilities. The festival provides a platform for the youth to engage with personalities and ideas, that challenge them to question the status quo and move from passive to active solution seekers.


Cultural Exchange

In line with our vision, we have continuously grown the attendance of African artists through creative groups and embassies. This has resulted in an increase in visitors from Africa and around the world over the years. Various reading and writing groups schedule the festival as one of the must-attend annual events. Global Post, America’s world new site, listed the festival as one of the top ten reasons for living in Nairobi.



The growth of the festival has been both exciting and challenging in equal measure. The magnitude of material and human resource requires collaboration of various stakeholders. We are seeking your generous support.

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