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To provide an opportunity for 200 talented, energetic, dynamic and highly-motivated ladies & gentlemen to centrally contribute to, and learn from a lively team that will put together the 2020 Storymoja Festival (theme: DISRUPTION) which runs from Wednesday, 26th February to Sunday, 1st March 2020 at the Nairobi National Museum.

  • Are you a creative mind who is discombobulated by the status quo in Kenya? 
  • Are you ready to help identify, challenge and live up to your key generational challenges?  
  • Do you desire to see a Kenya which has a vibrant knowledge & creative economy?
  • Do you want to disrupt the thinking that scientists are not creative and vice versa?
  • Do the devastating statistics about the current state of literacy give you sleepless nights?
  • Do you turn blue with rage when people laugh at this horrible joke: If you want to hide money from a Kenyan, hide it in a book?

If your answer to the above is in the affirmative, YOU need to be part of our team!

Due to the massive and dynamic nature of the festival, the selected interns will have an opportunity to explore their talents and abilities in a unique, exciting and stimulating work environment where they will be challenged to stretch their capabilities. To add value to the process, the interns will undergo a carefully designed training program aimed at enhancing various competencies and enriching their experiences.

The selected interns will also be given an opportunity to showcase their talents during the various pre-festival events and on the festival days.


The key requirements for this 6-month internship opportunity are:

  • commitment
  • passion (yes, we do have a passionometer)
  • open-mindedness
  • willingness to learn
  • ability to get your hands (very) dirty
  • strong verbal & written communication skills

Students from any major are encouraged to apply – we do not believe in academic ghettoes!


Phase 1

Saturday, 24th August 2019 to Saturday 22nd February 2020 – Training, preparation and pre-festival events. (Part-time festival Preparation)

Phase 2

24th February 2020 to 1st March 2020 – Full-time festival operation


Please e-mail the requirements below to: recruitment@storymojaafrica.co.ke;

  1. Your updated C.V. including;
  • telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • social media handles
  • a current high resolution (200+ pixels) profile photo
  • at least two referees 

    2. A 300-word essay on “The Future Belongs to Africans who Read”


Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The application deadline is Friday, 16th August 2019.
Participation in the Storymoja Festival Internship Programme is entirely voluntary with no remuneration. However, working tools and meals will be provided during the festival.

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