Profile: Maryanne Munyendo

Profile: Maryana Munyendo

Country: Kenya

Maryana Munyendo is the Founder of Simba-Safe Kenya and Missing Child Kenya.

Maryana believes strongly that the time to start integration towards constructive use of the internet by children and young adults is now, in recognition of its benefits for this demographic of the Kenyan population in terms of growth for the child, education, exemplary citizenship, the community, advocacy and enterprise.

Simba-Safe Kenya provides a Personal Safety Education Program (PSE) that teaches children and young adults age appropriate safety skills necessary to protect themselves in risky situations. Online safety is a big concern and we conduct several interventions and training programs around the same.

Missing Child Kenya is a platform that works with volunteers in the child protection sector and the public to help share information on missing and lost & found children using various media platforms and increase search efforts at no cost to the affected families. The goal of Missing Child Kenya is to boost search efforts for missing children by sharing photo posters to as broad an audience and in the fastest of time as possible because facts, photos and time play a big role in recovery. We use online crowd sourcing and depend on the power of online communities to achieve our goal of child protection. Our database is searchable online using #MissingChildKE

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