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Kiddie Music with Zion Music House [Storymoja Festival Newswire by Sarah Mwangi]

Animator: Give me a B!

6-9 year olds: Give me a B, Give me a B!

Animator: Give me a L!

6-9 year olds: Give me a L, Give me a L!

Animator: Give me an A, Give me an A!

And on and on the singing and dancing continued to spell the world BLACK PEACE, the theme of this year’s Storymoja Festival. With a keyboard, guitar and the bubbly and vibrant Rose Wangari, Kiddie Music unpacked the theme in an entertaining way for the 6-9 year olds from Braeside School who were in attendance.

“What does peace mean?”, asked Rose.

“When you don’t want to talk to anyone,”one quipped.

“When people fight and you stop them from fighting,” answered another.

Many more answers were bandied about, many hilarious and sweet as only children at that age can be.

And then Rose brought it home. Do you have peace within you? Because when you are at peace, then you can live in harmony with your parents, siblings, teachers, classmates and friends. Peace begins with you! With this very apt statement, the session came to an end with the singing of We are the World and Heal the World.

Amid the finger twirling, high fiving, head bobbing, Kiddie Music did an excellent job of not only entertaining the kids, but also passing across the important message of peace to the young ones.

Are you looking for a fun, enlightening kid’s event to take your child to this weekend? The Storymoja Festival is taking place until Sunday 1st October 2017. Bring your child for a day of storytelling, dancing, puppet shows and lots of other activities that will keep them happily entertained all day long.

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