We are Looking for YOU!

The Storymoja Festival has built up a reputation as East Africa’s biggest book party, a celebration of creativity, stories and literature. It started out as the Nyama choma festival in 2007, took a detour to Accra, Ghana in 2016, but is coming back to Nairobi for its 10th edition. YOU can be part of #StorymojaTurns10 by applying to be a Storymoja Festival Intern.

The Festival Internship program is designed to provide support to the main festival team, while creating an environment in which young people can transform mentally, emotionally and skills wise thus preparing them for the job market. It is a six-month program that lasts from April to September of 2017.

Important Dates

  • February 1st to February 28th - Internship Applications Process Opened
  • Saturday March 4th - First Intern Training Session (Terms & Agreements)
  • March 4th - March 31st - Intern Vetting & Interviews
  • Saturday April 1st - Second Intern Training Session (Festival Departments & Intern Agreements)
  • *Internship Officially Starts on April 1st 2017
  • Follow Up Training Sessions and Topics to Be Announced After this.
  • Festival Dates September 27th to October 1st

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Storymoja Festival intern, these are some of the tasks that you might be expected to perform. These tasks will be dependent on the department you chose or are assigned to:

  • General logistical support of the festival team
  • Implementing and monitoring age appropriate activities for school-going children
  • Assisting at the ticketing desk where there will be sale of tickets, giving out complimentary tickets etc
  • Handling of local and international artists
  • Support mainstream and social media relations for the festival

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work in a team and under a leader
  • Passion and creativity
  • Organization skills

What is Storymoja Festival offering you?

Please note that the festival internship is on a voluntary basis. Below are the benefits that come with interning at the Storymoja Festival such as:

  • Capacity building. The internship program includes training sessions which will equip YOU to be fully ready for the festival and the career world.
  • Become the first to know about job openings at Storymoja and have priority over other applicants
  • Get to interact with exciting festival artists, interns and other facilitators who will give an enriched experience and expand your network. We will introduce you to previous festival interns and you can find out what they do now and how being an intern enriched their lives.
  • Get a recommendation letter at the end of the internship which is signed by the festival patron Dr. Auma Obama and puts you ahead of your competitors in the career world.

Please send your applications to alufan@gmail.com