Day 4 [30th Sept]

Weekend Program

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9.45am – 12.45pm

SPELLING BEE – Curated by Kinyanjui Kombani & Wangari Grace | Ampitheater


11.00am – 12.30pm

WANGARI MAATHAI MEMORIAL LECTURE – Delivered by Paula Kahumbu of Wildlife Direct | Louis Leakey Auditorium

Disability: Laws & Rights – Book Launch and Panel Discussion with David Teti/ Salem Lorot (Authors, KE), Beth Ndirangu (Developmental Disabilities Action, KE), Moderated by: Michael Mwendwa (CBM, KE) | American Corner

Modern Fashion Trends for Nairobi: Conversations with Ian Arunga (Dapper Monkey) Kevo Abbra (Stylist)  & Lorna Abwonji (Mia Mara Creations) | American Corner

Music and Drama: Fidelis Mutuku and the Storyhippo Crew | Storyhippo Tent


1.00 – 2.30pm

It’s the Season of Crimson Blossoms – Abubakar Ibrahim in conversation with Kari Mutu and Janet Onyango: Nigerian journalist and writer Abubakar Ibrahim Adam has been called a literary provocateur for his first novel that explores cross-generational sex, female sexual repression and the scars of sectarian violence. Set in conservative northern Nigeria, where these themes remain taboo, the novel made big waves when it was republished by Cassava Republic in 2016.  | Louis Leakey Auditorium

Active Citizenship; Nyumba 10, Zusha, Online and Affirmative Action – John Githongo (KE), Adeniyi Adedayo (Nigeria), Wandia Njoya (KE) Moderator: Nanjala Nyabola (KE) | Ampitheater

Fireplace: Tots Stories with Soo Many Stories : Do you want your children to find the joy in reading? Bring them for Sooo May Stories’: Tot Tales, a book club for children. At the Fireplace, children get to travel into the world of fictional characters and experience the magic of stories. | Storyhippo Tent

Writing in Different Languages and Accessing ThemModerator: Jalada Collective. Guests: Bushra al- Fadil (Sudan), Stephanie Bruquehais(France), Fathia Hassan Moussa (Djibouti) | Coconut Theater

Fighting Piracy: Panelists: Kinyanjui Kombani (Author, KE), David Waweru (KPA, KE), Edward Sigei (Copyrights Board, KE), Muthoni Garland (Storymoja, KE) Moderated by Janet Onyango (KE) | Coconut Theater

2.00 – 4.00pm

POINT ZERO BOOK CAFE | at Point Zero Tent

3.00pm – 4:30pm

Thinking Heavenly, Acting Kenyanly: Marcus Olang in conversation with Reverend Timothy Njoya | Louis Leakey Auditorium

Femmolution – A Call for the Evolution of Women (Women Only Session). Curated by Liz Kilili | Ampitheater

Why Prizes Matter! Does winning a Literary Award mean anything? Lizzy Attree (Caine Prize Director, UK) Bushra -al – Fadil (2017 Caine Prize Winner, Sudan) Abubakar Ibrahim (Caine Prize/NLG, Nigeria), Billy Kahora (Kwani? Manuscript Prize) Moderated by Aleya Kassam (KE) | Coconut Theater

Dance Centre Crew:  An introduction to Ballet, Hip Hop, African, Contemporary & Jazz with Silas Ouma , Joel Kioko & Caroline Slot  | Storyhippo Tent

Kiswahili Kitukuzwe: Curated by the Fred Obondo & the Storymoja Kiswahili Department | American Corner


5.00 – 6.30pm

Sports for Change: Book launch. Alice Nderitu in conversation with author and world champion athlete, Catherine Ndereva | Louis Leakey Auditorium

Love Gone Bad: Explore intimacy with storytellers:  Ernest Wamboye, Esther Masaa & Muthoni Garland. Moderated by  Wambui Mwangi | Ampitheater

Exploring our Colonial Heritage in the context of Black Peace: With Juliet Barnes (Author,UK), XN Iraki (Writer, KE) Prof Mule Katwiwa (Author KE/US) Moderated by Owaahh (Best Topical Blogger, KE) | Coconut Theater

Corruption and Impunity at the UN:
Kwani editor Billy Kahora in conversation with Rasna Warah on her new book UNsilenced: Unmasking the United Nations’ culture of cover-ups, corruption and impunity. The discussion will examine the various ways in which the world’s most influential human rights organisation has failed to protect the rights of vulnerable populations around the world and how UN whistleblowers who expose these abuses are denied justice.  | Storyhippo Tent

Kofi Awoonor Memories & Poetry: Special Guests: Auma Obama, Jama Musse,  Ingrid Storholmen, Oswald Okaitei, and Michael Onsando. Curated by Immaculate Ajiambo | American Corner


All Day

Courage Exhibition by Boniface Mwangi

This exhibition highlights stories of courageous individuals who paid a heavy price for Kenya to be where it is today. This is an exhibition about sacrifice and service beyond self. It is a commemoration of the power of ideas, and of the willingness to relentlessly fight for what is right.

Experience this exhibition and be inspired to be the change you want to see in Kenya. You will encounter men and women who, by living their life authentically and fearlessly, changed Kenya for the better. Their acts of courage may not have been appreciated at the time but they made a difference.

Here, we celebrate leaders who rose above tribal politics and ultimately condemned for their nonconformity. Their sacrifices are a lesson that Kenya has produced quality leaders, and if we stopped voting along tribal lines, our generation could elect passionate and commendable leaders. Each time you simply vote along tribal and party lines, you sell your soul and hinder Kenya’s growth.

Pop Up Events

All Day | Courtyard

Science Experiments with Funke Science: Don your lab coat, grab your safety googles and learn science with cool experiments and loads of fun!

Art by Dust Depo: Have fun with art and paint under the supervision of experienced Kenyan Artist Patrick Mukabi.

Premium Events

Sat 30th Sept

7.00 – 8.00 pm

A Man Like You

Two idealistic headstrong men; Patrick North, British diplomat and hostage, and his Somali kidnapper Abdi, defend their world-views in a windowless room in Somalia, in this fearless spotlight on the global issues beyond the headlines. Back in Nairobi, Elizabeth North fights for her husband’s freedom. Silvia Cassini’s award-winning play A Man Like You (Best Actor – Maina Olwenya, and Best Tragedy, Sanaa Theater Awards 2016) returns to the Nairobi stage for one night only, before continuing to Hong Kong as part of its World Tour 2017. | Louis Leakey Auditorium

Ticket: 2,000.00 Buy from 0723 433 747

8.30 pm – 10.30 pm

Room of Lost Names

A play by Sitawa Namwalie that tells the story of a young woman who finds herself in a mysterious place, which defies the rules of her known world. | Louis Leakey Auditorium

Ticket: 2,000.00 

7.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Music Concert. Entry by KES 500/- or Day Ticket | Courtyard

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