CODE’s Burt Awards Unveils 2017 All- Stars Shortlist

For more than 55 years, CODE, a Canadian based international development organization, has worked in partnership with local organizations to expand literacy in Africa, the Caribbean, and Canada by supporting the professional development of teachers and librarians, by providing children and youth with access to high quality reading materials, and helping to strengthen the local [read more…]

Living Whole With Chronic Illness

Living Whole With Chronic Illness: Lea Kilenga (Fashionista living with Sickle Cell), Julie Muriuki (Writer & Mom living with Fibromyalgia & DVT), Natasha Muloko (Business Woman living with Lupus & Lupus Nephritis) talk to Juliet Maruru (Writer, Editor and Care Advocate living with Lupus) about living a full life while coping with chronic illness. Careers, creativity, [read more…]

Season of Crimson Blossoms

  It’s the Season of Crimson Blossoms – Abubakar Ibrahim in conversation with Kari Mutu and Janet Onyango: Nigerian journalist and writer Abubakar Ibrahim Adam has been called a literary provocateur for his first novel that explores cross-generational sex, female sexual repression and the scars of sectarian violence. Set in conservative northern Nigeria, where these themes remain taboo, the novel made big [read more…]

Piracy in Literature

The State of Piracy in the Kenyan Literary Scene. Panelists: Kinyanjui Kombani (Author, KE), David Waweru (KPA, KE), Edward Sigei (Copyrights Board, KE), Hillary Namunyu (Storymoja, KE) Moderated by Janet Onyango (KE)

Why Prizes Matter!

Does winning a Literary Award mean anything? Lizzy Attree (Caine Prize Director, UK) Bushra -al – Fadil (2017 Caine Prize Winner, Sudan) Abubakar Ibrahim (Caine Prize/NLG, Nigeria), Billy Kahora (Kwani? Manuscript Prize) Moderated by Aleya Kassam (KE)

On Softness [by Tanisha Mehta]

I propose that softness is an emotion. Think about it… Think about when you get home at 5.27 pm on a cold April day, and you’re the only one at home. Your sitting room is slightly dark from the overcast clouds outside, but there’s a faint glimmer filtering in. You make yourself a cup of [read more…]

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