Living Whole With Chronic Illness

By any normal standards I am your next door twenty-something-year-old. My worst challenges range from chameleons to being broke, all the way to not having control over my emotions and moods. When my pockets are full, I am either looking at every green plant around me imagining ugly chameleons with horns on them or struggling [read more…]

The Dapper Ian [by The Kenyan Blogger]

Growing up, I thought, writing should take just one style and any story that did not begin with once upon a time or years ago or something close to that tasted like hay on my tongue. And for some many years, I nurtured this ill notion. Up until I met writings by Ian Arunga. In [read more…]

So Near Yet So Far [by Mercie Poetess]

So far yet so near: Liberation?  Over the past few months, I have felt unusually saddened by events (especially politically inclined) in my motherland, Kenya. You see, like many of my fellow wananchi (citizens) I had a lot of hope in devolution: serikali mashinani. Such hope that I had foreseen getting a stable job and [read more…]

The Big Conservation Lie – Conversation at the Storymoja Festival

“Most Kenyans today exclusively associate wildlife conservation care, compassion and even ownership with white people. At a time when Africa has more cell phones than Europe, this same old narrative has weathered the storms of modernity. Africans of European descent have continued to advance the same narrative more than 100 years since Africa’s colonialist – [read more…]

The Theatre Company Presents… [at the Storymoja Festival 2017]

The Theatre Company Presents 4 premium performances at the Storymoja Festival. You can purchase tickets to all premium events via the numbers presented on the image or by ticketsasa. Wed 27th Sept: 7pm -11pm Charles Dickens – The Master Storyteller performed by Kevin Hanssen Kevin Hanssen transforms three vivid stories into a theatrical delight, a [read more…]

CODE’s Burt Awards Unveils 2017 All- Stars Shortlist

For more than 55 years, CODE, a Canadian based international development organization, has worked in partnership with local organizations to expand literacy in Africa, the Caribbean, and Canada by supporting the professional development of teachers and librarians, by providing children and youth with access to high quality reading materials, and helping to strengthen the local [read more…]

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