The Theatre Company Presents… [at the Storymoja Festival 2017]

The Theatre Company Presents 4 premium performances at the Storymoja Festival. You can purchase tickets to all premium events by contacting Silvia Cassini on 0723 433747. Wed 27th Sept: 7.00 – 8.00pm Charles Dickens – The Master Storyteller performed by Kevin Hanssen Kevin Hanssen transforms three vivid stories into a theatrical delight, a French aristocracy, a [read more…]

Too Early for Birds – Storymoja Edition

Too Early for Birds returns to the stage to present a beautiful meld of their past two shows for old audiences and new ones. Join us as we follow TEFB on a journey into Kenyan history, see if you might not learn something you never knew! Venue: Storymoja Festival | Nairobi National Museum Date: 28th [read more…]

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