Artist: Karungari Mutu

Artist: Karungari Mutu
Country: Kenya

Karungari Mutu is the author of the book The Firemakers of Azali, a fantasy story for young readers published by Storymoja.

Karungari is an independent writer and special correspondent based in Nairobi. She writes for various magazines and newspapers on topics of arts, culture, the environment, wildlife, travel and tourism, as well as inspirational stories of people making a difference in these fields.

She is particularly motivated to create a better understanding and awareness of these issues as people move further away from the natural world and their heritage. Her career background has been in the travel industry.

Session at the Storymoja Festival

Thursday 28th September | 11.00 – 11.45am

Meet the Author | School Village
A Conversation with Burt Young Adult Literature Shortlist Winners William Mkufya (TZ), Elshadai Tesfaye (ET), Ruby Yayra Gokha (GH) with Kenyan Author Kari Mutu and Moderated by James Murua. 14+

Saturday 30th September | 1.30 pm – 3:30 pm  

It’s the Season of Crimson Blossoms – Abubakar Ibrahim in conversation with Kari Mutu and Janet Onyango: Nigerian journalist and writer Abubakar Ibrahim Adam has been called a literary provocateur for his first novel that explores cross-generational sex, female sexual repression and the scars of sectarian violence. Set in conservative northern Nigeria, where these themes remain taboo, the novel made big waves when it was republished by Cassava Republic in 2016.  

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