Artist: Juliet Barnes

Artist: Juliet Barnes
Country: Kenya

Born and brought up in Kenya, with an MA in English language and literature (St Andrew’s, Scotland), Juliet Barnes has written fiction and non-fiction for children, teenagers and adults, published both in Kenya and the UK; taught English to children all over Kenya; and travelled extensively as freelance writer, and Editor of Ndege News Magazine. 

The Ghosts of Happy Valley, her work of adult non-fiction on the history of some of Kenya’s colonial houses, attracted much interest in Kenya, including from the Nyandarua County Government, and has resulted in her creating and chairing the Happy Valley Heritage Trust, aiming to help protect Kenya’s colonial houses and other important buildings.


  • Hillcrest: A History, 2015, Old Africa Books, Kenya (adult non-fiction)
  • The Ghosts of Happy Valley, 2013 Aurum Press, London (adult non fiction)
  • Lake of Smoke/Monkey Matters, 2007/8, Phoenix, Kenya (teenage fiction)
  • I can Fly, 2007, Longman, Kenya, (teenage fiction)
  • Let’s Visit Kenya, Macmillan, UK (teenage non-fiction)
  • Why Stripes? and For Love of Noonkipa, Brimax, UK (children’s fiction)
  • Sparkle Visits the Game Park, The Foolish Python, The Prisoner, The Clever Trick, Naughty Sparkle, Space Sellers, Kenya (children’s fiction, illustrated by Anthony Mwangi )


  • Runner-up, Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature (Lake of Smoke) 
  • shortlisted, Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (Broken Glass) 
  • shortlisted, Spear Book Award (The Ghosts of Happy Valley)

Session at the Storymoja Festival

30th September 2017
4.00pm – 6.00pm

Exploring our Colonial Heritage in the context of Black Peace with Juliet Barnes (Author, KE/UK), XN Iraki (Writer, KE), Prof. Mule (USA) Moderated by Owaahh (Best Topical Blogger, KE)

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