Artist: Joanne Ball-Burgess

Artist: Joanne Ball-Burgess

Country: Bermuda/Kenya


Joanne Ball-Burgess, a.k.a. Judge Jo-1 from Sakata Dance Competition is known in Kenya for her dance prowess. She was trained in Lyrical, Contemporary, Afro-fusion, Dancehall and Hip Hop. Most people in Kenya still do not know that in addition to being a dancer she is also a best-selling author in writing for children. Her best seller being “The Lizard and the Rock” (2009).

Joanne’s research and unique model for education was developed using dance, drama and music as a tool to enhance student learning. With that regard, and back by popular demand, Joanne is bringing an interactive poetry and dance workshop to Storymoja where the participants will be able to read through poetry, sense the rhythm of the poem and work together in groups to create rhythmic movement resulting in choreography set to poetry.

Teachers, parents and students will enjoy a refreshing approach to Literacy with beats and dance. This technique is used in Joanne’s school, The Cottage School, to increase confidence and love for all things Literacy. 


The Lizard and the Rock (2009)

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