Artist: Ian Arunga

Artist: Ian Arunga
Country: Kenya

I am a multi-disciplinary art director and overall cool guy. I am extremely passionate about art, fashion, books and collecting key rings from around the world. I have written four children’s books that have been approved for Kenyan schools curriculum by Kenya Institute of Childhood Development. I think that is exorbitantly cool seeing how much I hated reading books as a child.

I take forever to figure out what to wear in the morning and I am allergic to onions and fish and can’t digest lactose to save my life! Also, I have never tasted an avocado!

When I am not at my desk designing the next big ad campaign, I am busy writing letters to a plus sized imaginary woman with tiny cute feet and utterly white teeth called Doris at

I also founded Dapper Monkey, an online store that caters exclusively for men’s fashion.


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